Phrasing — NYR 2018


Video and slides from my talk at the New York R Conference, Phrasing: Communicating data science through gifs, tweets, and classic misdirection.


Mara Averick


Apr 21, 2018

The New York R Conference is, without a doubt, one of my favorites. Not only do you get to learn from other R users and developers, but, if you speak, you even get to choose your own entrance music!

If you missed NYR 2018, Lander Analytics has a playlist of all of the talks available. You can check out the video (and slides) from my talk, Phrasing: Communicating data science through GIFs, tweets, and classic misdirection below.


Equal parts history and mystery, noted data sciolist, Mara Averick, will take you on a whirlwind tour through the lighter side of learning and communicating (data) science. From the 19th-century pages of Science Gossip to modern-day social media, you’ll find out how the nature of scientific communities has and hasn’t changed over the past 200 years, and discover how “learning out loud” can help you navigate an ever-increasing amount of information, or (at the very least) keep you entertained while so doing.



The slides are also available as a PDF with working links in their GitHub repo.

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